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A Devilish Mistake

The devil is in the detail...

A sign that reads "Please satanise your hands here" with an illustration of a bottle of hand sanitizer.

I feel like we've all gotten used to signs like this reminding us to use hand sanitizer, stay six feet away from other people, and wear a mask—so much so that I hardly even notice them anymore. But I'm sure this sign caught a lot of people's attention!

Hopefully the sign wasn't put up in a church. That could have been awkward. Unless it was a Satanic church, I guess, in which case the spelling was probably intentional! But for all other venues, having a proofreader review the sign before printing it would have been very beneficial (although it would have deprived the world of a funny meme, so it's kind of a win–lose situation).

Anyway, go vote today if you haven't already, stay safe, and don't forget to satanise your hands!

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